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The word conveys a universal sense of order, calm, comfort and identity.  When spoken, a gentle exhale lingers on the lips and resonates in the head with images to delight the senses.  It is space.  It is color and light.  It is sound and texture and movement.  It is a place to BE.

Whether it is for a residence or a work space, the job of the Interior Designer is to assist the client in defining his or her place to be.  It requires sensitivity to the needs and desires of the people who use the space, as well as an understanding of the way the built environment works.  The designer is a problem solver, an advocate, and an advisor with the goal of making a space that is functional, comfortable, and uniquely beautiful.  The challenge with every project is to satisfy the mundane needs (time, budget, space planning, etc.) while seeking the sublime solution that will make the space sing!

At Victoria Dryden, ASID interior architecture & design each project is an exciting collaborative process between the client and the designer that culminates in an environment that is perfectly functional and uniquely beautiful.

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Whether it is a single consultation or a long-term implementation of a design plan, Dryden Design has a thoughtful, intelligent and creative approach to design.

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